October 2020

Liver Regenerative Medicine Network Workshop London - Save the Date

Save the Date

The third Workshop of the Liver Regenerative Medicine Network is being planned for Thursday 29th October 2020 at the Institute of Hepatology London.

The aim of the Network is to provide a platform for the Liver Regenerative Medicine research community and facilitate inter/multidisciplinary collaboration across the London Universities and Institutes. The half-day Workshop will highlight the current research in hepatic regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, including cell therapy, organoids, organ-on-a-chip, bio-artificial hepatic systems, bioreactors, biomaterials, cancer modelling and stem cell biology. 

The meeting will include two Keynote Sessions and two Bright Sparks Sessions with shorter talks.

Further details can be found on the official webpage for the Workshop here > https://www.liver-research.org.uk/newsletter/conferences-meetings.html 

Should you have any questions, please contact Dr Luca Urbani by e-mail at luca.urban@researchinliver.org.uk .