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BASL Annual Meeting 19th - 21st September
BLTG Transplant Meeting 18th - 19th September
BLNA Nurse Meeting 19th - 20th September

Basl2018 Annual Meeting

18th - 21st September, University of York

Join us at the University of York for the BASL2018 Annual Meeting where all of us interested in liver disease will share time whether we are clinicians, nurses, basic scientists, pharmacists, working in industry or students. The programme runs from Wednesday 19th through to lunchtime on Friday 21st September, with the BLNA Nurses Day meeting running in parallel on Thursday 20th September, with a couple of early sessions running on Wednesday afternoon. The BLTG programme runs from Tuesday 18th to Wednesday 19th September. Register Now.

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Basl and basl sub-groups

The British Association for the Study of the Liver is a multi-disciplinary society with around 900 members composed of interested individuals from clinical medicine, clinical and basic research and allied professions.

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British Liver Nurse Association is a professional nursing organisation aiming to develop knowledge and understanding of liver disease, in order to improve the quality of patient care.

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The British Viral Hepatitis aims to improve the management and study of patients with chronic viral liver disease, bringing together UK hepatologists, gastroenterologists, infectious disease physicians, virologists and interested epidemiologists.

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The BLTG (British Liver Transplant Group) was launched in 2014 to represent the professional interests of liver transplantation in the UK and promote strategic and academic development. The BLTG will foster close relationships with BTS (British Transplant Society) and LICAGE (Liver Intensive Care Group of Europe) and will build on the role of the UK and Ireland Annual Meeting by delivering structure and authority to the group.

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Is a professional pharmacy organisation aiming to develop knowledge and understanding of liver disorders including viral hepatitis, in order to improve the quality of patient care, through medicines optimisation, collaborative and multi-disciplinary working and promoting patient-focused research.

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HCC UK is a multi-disciplinary organisation aiming to promote collaboration in research, education and clinical service development for primary liver cancer. We bring together leading oncologists, liver surgeons, hepatologists, basic scientists, radiologists, pathologists and specialist nurses to lead improvement in the quality of patient care.

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Leads for Special Interest Groups in immune liver disease and portal hypertension - expressions of interest requested by 28th September 2018

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The BASL Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are being established to foster, promote and encourage collaborative research and clinical trials in liver disease and are open to all members of BASL.

The SIGs are being aligned to the 7 topic areas recognised by the Hepatology CRN. BASL is keen to set up and establish 2 new SIGs covering immune mediated liver disease and portal hypertension and is asking for expressions of interest from BASL members to lead these SIGs for the first year, pending a formal election of post holders.

For further information please contact  or Matthew Cramp at  .

Please send expressions of interest to Samantha Jones at the BASL Secretariat by 28th September.

AHA Postcard Campaign: Duty increases and MUP

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The Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) is launching a new campaign calling on MPs to end alcohol tax breaks in the upcoming Budget to ease the pressure on the NHS and other public services.

We need your support! Will you send a postcard to your local MP asking them to increase alcohol duty by 2% above inflation, and to introduce minimum unit pricing of alcohol (MUP)?

The postcards carry the photos of six people who have been affected by alcohol in different ways: a mother who lost her 16-year-old daughter to cheap white cider; an alcohol harm police officer with Durham Constabulary; a homeless support worker; two frontline doctors; and a Teesside newsagent. All feel passionately that more needs to be done to tackle the harms caused by cheap alcohol.

Watch these videos to hear their stories, and send your postcard here. Please share this important campaign with your networks and encourage them to send postcards too.

HCC-UK Committee Elections - deadline for expressions of interest 6th September 2018

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The purpose of HCC UK is to promote the professional collaboration in research, education and clinical service development for primary liver cancers. Its affiliation with BASL recognises the multi-disciplinary nature of collaboration in research and clinical practice needed to lead improvement in the quality of patient care. In particular, HCC-UK, through its committee, shall:

a)        Maintain a suite of educational activities across basic research and clinical practice relating to primary liver cancer in the UK, acknowledging the multi-disciplinary nature of UK practice and including scientists, specialist, generalist and trainee clinicians.

b)        Be a forum for sharing research initiatives, including the collection of material for national studies.

c)        Build links with other health professionals in primary care, gastroenterology, radiology, surgery and pathology, including development of referral pathways that provide equity of access to surveillance, diagnosis and treatment for patients with primary liver cancer throughout the UK.

d)        Develop guidelines to promote best practice. 

e)        Arrange an annual Business Meeting open to the full Group, to ensure that the formal organisational arrangements set out below are adhered to.

The HCC-UK committee meetings take place three to four times a year.


HCC-UK Committee positions

HCC-UK are seeking nominations for the committee positions set out below. Once elected, all post holders will serve for three years and may be re-elected for one further term:

Chair - will chair committee meetings

Secretary - will be responsible for running the administrative tasks pertaining to his/her function.

Conference & education lead

Basic science lead

Hepatology representative

Oncology representative

Surgery representative

Radiology representative

Pathology representative

Nursing representative


Nomination Process

Please send your nomination, clearly stating the relevant position that your nomination is for to the BASL Secretariat at by the deadline of 17:00 on Thursday 6 September 2018.

Candidates wishing to be considered for election should be a member of BASL HCC-UK, and will require one BASL HCC-UK member to propose them and a second to confirm their suitability for the role in writing.

If more than one candidate is nominated the Secretariat will arrange for an election of BASL HCC-UK members, in which all BASL members affiliated to HCC-UK may vote.  Should an election be required, candidates will need to submit a personal statement of up to 300 words. The successful candidate will be elected by a simple majority of those members voting.

If you need any more information, please contact

Best regards

BASL Secretariat

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Staging Calculator now available

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A Hepatocellular Carcinoma Staging Calculator is now availablle. This tool is designed to aid calculation of the mandatory liver-specific COSD items BCLC stage, UKELD score and TNM stage, which are used to inform treatment decisions. Use of this calculator ensures standardised and accurate calculation of these items. Click here to access the calculator.

Hepatitis C in the UK 2018 report

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Hepatitis C in the UK 2018 report - a copy of the report, press release, infographic and slide set can be found at the following link: .


19/09/18 - 21/09/18

BASL Annual Meeting 2018 - York University - REGISTRATION OPEN
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Please join us at the University of York for the BASL2018 Annual Conference where all of us interested in liver disease will share time whether we are clinicians, nurses, basic scientists, pharmacists, working in industry or students.The programme runs from Wednesday 19th September and continues through to lunchtime on Friday 21st September.  

We start with a basic science symposium on understanding and harnessing viral resistance on Wednesday morning (open to all comers), preceding the main BASL meeting. The BASL conference proper opens after lunch on Wednesday and will explore new horizons in HBV and HCV.
The moderated poster session is on Wednesday evening with supper provided. Please note: posters are to remain in situ throughout.
The second day offers the joint BASL and BLNA session in the morning, followed by an afternoon session themed around the heart and the liver. The conference dinner will take place in the evening at The Merchant's Adventurer in the centre of York.
The final morning will see a series of case-based discussions led by recognised experts in the field, followed by oral presentations of the highest scoring abstracts of original research.

As always, we are grateful to our sponsors without whom it would be impossible to run these meetings and to all Speakers and Chairs for their individual contributions.

View the meeting programme here >   Download BASLAnnualMeeting2018Programme-MASTER.pdf

Further details about the meeting are available on the BASL Annual Meeting 2018 website> HERE. 


Annual Cambridge Liver Symposium 2018 - Cambridge
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The Annual Cambridge Liver Symposium is taking place on Friday 28th September at Robinson College, Cambridge.

This event is RCP approved and free to attend.

Download the draft programme here - Download Cam liver symp 2018 programme.pdf.

To reserve your place please email


28/09/18 - 30/09/18

Annual meeting of the Pakistan Society of Hepatology
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The Pakistan Society of Hepatology promotes excellence in patient care, research, and education in hepatology. We serve medical professionals, researchers, and scientists with an active interest in hepatology. We welcome professionals from across the globe to our 18th Annual Meeting to be held on September 28-30, 2018 in the historic and vibrant city of Lahore, Pakistan.

We are delighted to announce that the following world renowned hepatologists will be our keynote speakers:

Prof. Graham Foster (UK)

Prof. Peter Ferenci (Austria)

Prof. Fasiha Kanwal (USA)

Dr. Bilal Hameed (USA)

Dr. Shahid Habib (USA)

Prof. Adeel A. Butt (Qatar)

Prof. Khin Maung Win (Myanmar)

Prof. Dr. Vivek A Saraswat (India)

Prof. Rafael Esteban MD (Spain)

Prof. Maria Buti (Spain)

Prof. Wahid Doss  (Egypt)

Prof. Hasnain Ali Shah (Pakistan)

Prof. Arshad Kamal Butt (Pakistan)

Prof. Arif Siddiqui (Pakistan)

Prof. Arif Amir Nawaz (Pakistan)

Prof. Anwaar A. Khan (Pakistan)

Please see the conference website for further information including registration and full scientific program. 

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Hepatology Highlights for the Healthcare Specialist in collaboration with BVHG
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Wednesday 3 October 2018, QEII Centre, London, UK (FREE to ATTEND)

04/10/18 - 05/10/18

BHIVA Autumn Conference
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4-5 October 2018, QEII Centre, London, UK

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