Mission Statement

Cholangiocarcinoma-UK, an affiliate of the British Association for Study of Liver Disease (BASL), is a multi-disciplinary Special Interest Group (SIG) of clinicians, scientists and patient advocates whose purpose is to facilitate collaborative research, enhance service development and raise awareness of Cholangiocarcinoma. 

 Aims of Cholangiocarcinoma UK

•        Be the recognised leading authority on Cholangiocarcinoma in the UK

•        Become affiliated to other relevant major national organisations e.g. BASO, BSG

•        Facilitate basic science and clinical research as well as sample collection, including for biomarker development

•        Improve the pathway to collaborative clinical trials and opportunities for research funding

•        Update national guidelines and advise on policy and best practice

•        Optimise and standardise clinical management across the country

•        Monitor epidemiological trends accurately.

Steering Committee

Chair Professor Shahid Khan Imperial College, London
Deputy chair/secretary TBC  
Patient advocate  Helen Morement AMMF – The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity
Basic science representatives Professor David Bates University of Nottingham
  Dr Luke Boulter MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh
  Dr Chiara Braconi University of Glasgow
  Dr Sheela Jayaraman University of Birmingham
Endoscopy representative Professor Steve Pereira University College / Royal Free Hospital, London
Hepatology representative Dr Simon Rushbrook Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals
Clinical oncology representative Professor Maria Hawkins University College, London
Medical oncology representatives  Professor John Bridgewater University College, London
  Professor Juan Valle Christie NHS Foundation Trust / University of Manchester                                                                            
Pathology representative Dr Tim Kendall University of Edinburgh / Royal Infirmary Edinburgh
Surgery representatives Professor Brian Davidson Royal Free Hospital, London
  Professor Nigel Heaton King's College Hospital, London
  Mr Hassan Malik ‎Aintree University Hospital
Trainee representatives  Dr Pilar Acedo University College, London
  Dr Leonard Marc Quinn University of Liverpool
  Dr Isioma Egbuniwe University of Nottingham


Annual reports

Annual report 2018-19 -  Download Annual report_2018-19_CCA-UK.pdf.

1st meeting - 7 December 2018

Report - Download BASL_BSG report_Summary_Outcomes_CCA-UK Meeting 7 Dec 2018_FINAL.pdf.

Welcome presentation, Shahid Khan, St Mary’s Hospital, London - Download Welcome.pdf

Presentation on the patient/healthcare professional partnership, Helen Morement, AMMF -  Download The patient_healthcare professional partnership.pdf

Presentation on Epidemiology and aetiology: What we don’t know & how can we find out, Shahid Khan, St Mary’s Hospital, London -  Download Epidemiology and aetiology_What we dont know and how we can find out.pdf

Presentation on Ensuring quality: Centres of “excellence/expertise”?, Hassan Malik, Aintree University Hospital Download Ensuring quality_Centres of excellence and expertise.pdf

Presentation on Medical oncology: The unmet needs and how we meet them, John Bridgewater, UCL & Juan Valle, Christie NHS Foundation Trust -  Download Medical oncology_The unmet needs and how we meet them.pdf

Presentation on Clinical oncology: Establishing novel roles in CCA therapy, Maria Hawkins, University of Oxford -  Download Clinical oncology_Establishing novel roles in CCA therapy.pdf

2nd meeting - 14 November 2019

Presentation on Cholangiocarcinoma and liver fluke infection in Lao PDR, Peter Odermatt, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute - Download CCA and Liver Fluke Infection in Lao_P Odermatt.pdf

Presentation on Universal tumour antigens in primary liver cancers: Cholangiocarcinoma and Hepatocellular carcinoma are differentUniversal tumour antigens in primary liver cancers: Cholangiocarcinoma and Hepatocellular carcinoma are different, Ollie Rupar, University of Plymouth - Download Universal tumour antigens in primary liver cancers_Ollie Rupar.pdf

Presentation on Single molecule detection of osteopontin in nanopores using DNA molecular carriers, Micol Damiani, Imperial College London -  Download Single molecule detection of osteopontin in nanopores_M Damiani.pdf

Presentation on the investigation of virus-driven intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma through dysregulated hepatic differentiation, Alex Kilvington, University of Leeds - Download Virus-Driven Intrahepatic CCA_A Kilvington.pdf

Presentation on the role of mesenchymalcells in Cholangiocarcinoma, Mireia Sueca Comes, University of Nottingham - Download Role of Mesenchymal Cells in CCA_M Sueca-Comes.pdf

Presentation on non-coding RNAs and the biology underpinning potential new precision medicines in Cholangiocarcinoma, Chiara Braconi, University of Glasgow - Download RNAs and biology underpinning potential new precision medicines_C Braconi 1.pdf

Presentation on Delphi process on next key questions in basic science of Cholangiocarcinoma, Shahid Khan, Imperial College London -  Download Clinical and Research Priorities in CCA_S Khan.pdf

Patient representation
The AMMF is represented on the CCA-UK Steering Committee and is the UK’s only cholangiocarcinoma charity - http://ammf.org.uk/

Global CCA Alliance
The Global Cholangiocarcinoma Alliance (GCA) has united to establish a global voice in CCA through community collaborations. The GCA has a shared vision to raise the awareness of CCA, in order to improve prevention, survival and the quality of life of CCA patients globally.  CCA-UK is a partner in this Alliance. For more information, visit https://globalccaalliance.com/en

News - CCA-UK 2024 Annual Conference

Date: 2nd February 2024
Venue: Hallam Conference Centre, London.

This meeting will bring together a multi-disciplinary expert faculty for a one-day in-person event to update all on the latest developments in cholangiocarcinoma nationally and internationally.

The conference will provide an opportunity to
• learn the latest advances in clinical care, guidelines and research
• find out about novel treatments on the horizon
• network, discuss, contribute and be a part of the future of cholangiocarcinoma research and treatment

View a programme > HERE  

Registration: Only £50 to attend in person, including lunch and refreshments

Register HERE

If you have any questions contact cca-uk@basl.org.uk .

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