UK-AIH - The United Kingdom Autoimmune Hepatitis Cohort

A multi-centre platform for research and translational medicine - Click here to visit the website

The Haemochromatosis Society was created and is run as a patient organisation

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UK-PBC collaboration to increasing understanding about, and treatment for the autoimmune liver disease Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC)

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PBC Foundation (UK), The PBC Foundation (UK) Ltd. is a charity offering support and information to PBC sufferers, their families and friends

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The British Liver Trust is is a charity offering support and information.

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Liver4Life is a registered charity and runs a FREE Helpline for all people affected by a liver condition: 08000 74 34 94.

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AMMF is the UK’s only dedicated cholangiocarcinoma charity, working to raise awareness, offer support and information to patients and families, and encouraging and awarding funding for research.

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Wilson's Disease Support Group UK

The WDSG-UK is an all volunteer organisation, which strives to promote the well-being of patients with Wilson's Disease, and their families and friends. Click here to visit the website.

AIH Support

The aims of AIH Support are to provide information and support for anyone affected by AIH. The organisation will represent all AIH patients to help with improving the treatment of and research into this rare condition.Click here to visit the website.   

PSC Support

PSC Support is the only UK-based organisation solely focused on improving the lives of people affected by PSC, and funding PSC-specific research. Click here to visit the website.  

Children's Liver Disease Foundation

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Fighting childhood liver disease by providing information, emotional support, research funds and a voice for all affected.


A national liver patient support charity run entirely by unpaid volunteers. It supports liver patients, their carers and families throughout the country and beyond and funds research into finding cures and treatments for liver disease. Click Here to visit the website.

Irish Liver Foundation

The Irish Liver Foundation will support patients, their families and healthcare professionals, drive research, promote awareness and education in the field of liver disease.
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BASL X-tra Programme

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