Alcohol-related Liver Disease Special Interest Group

The Alcohol-related Liver Disease (ArLD) Special Interest Group (SIG)  has been established to address issues relatimg to the commonest cause of advanced liver disease in the United Kingdom.  Despite the frequency of ArLD, there are many inconsistencies and uncertainties regarding its management. The SIG will address early diagnosis, the natural history and management of ArLD with a view to quality improvement in patient care and coordination of effective clinical research. The group aims to bring clinical hepatology together with laboratory, addiction, primary care and public health specialists. The SIG lead is Dr Ewan Forrest of Glasgow Royal Infirmary. If anyone wishes to join the group please contact the BASL secretariat on


Annual reports

Annual report 2018-19 -  Download Annual report_2018-19_ARLD SIG.pdf.


1st meeting - 9 January 2019

Report -  Download ArLD SIG Jan 2019_Report.pdf.

Presentation on alcohol treatment in ArLD, Colin Drummond, King’s College London - Download Alcohol treatment ARLD BASL 2018.pdf.

Presentation on biopsy in ArLD, Richard Parker, St James's Hospital, Leeds - Download Biopsy.pdf.

Presentation on hospital episode attribution to ArLD, Steve Hood, Aintree University Hospital - Download Hospital Episode attribution to ArLD.pdf


The next meeting of the ArLD SIG will be held from 1.30 to 3.45 pm on Monday 25 November 2019. The venue is the Hilton Liverpool City Centre. The SIG meeting will be part of the NWAC 2019. Both the SIG meeting and NWAC are free to attend, and SIG members are welcome to participate in the whole of the NWAC. If you would like to attend, please register with, confirming if you want to participate in a) the ArLD SIG meeting only or b) the SIG meeting and the rest of the NWAC as well.   Download National Alcohol Conference 2019 Programme FINAL.docx.


BASL has set up a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which are linked to the NIHR’s Clinical Research Network (CRN) topic areas. The ArLD SIG has been active for one year, with an initial lead appointed by the BASL Committee. BASL is now seeking nominations for an elected Lead for this SIG. 

Eligibility requirements

·        All nominees should be members of the ArLD SIG, as a BASL member or as an associate member of BASL through being a member of the SIG

·        Each nominee should have a proposer and seconder, who should also be BASL members or associate members through the ArLD SIG

·        The initial Lead can stand for election once

·        Should a contested election be held, BASL / ArLD SIG members may vote in this

·        The elected Lead will serve for two years, when there will be a further election.

Nomination process

·        Please send nominations to the BASL Secretariat at by 17:00 on 18 October 2019

·        If more than one candidate is nominated, the Secretariat will arrange for an election, in which all BASL / ArLD SIG members may vote

·        Should an election be required, candidates will need to submit a personal statement of up to 300 words

·        The successful candidate will be elected by a simple majority of those members voting

·        Any queries should be addressed to

About the ArLD SIG

The ArLD SIG is linked to the Alcohol CRN topic area. The SIG comprises members from a variety of disciplines. Further information may be found elsewhere on this webpage.

The role of the SIG Lead

A SIG is expected to meet at least once a year. The BASL secretariat provides administrative support for SIGs, which includes creating and maintaining SIG member databases, arranging meetings and associated materials, and arranging publicity.

The role of the SIG Lead includes:

·        Chairing SIG meetings and co-ordinating actions to be pursued

·        Helping to co-ordinate bids for funding for trials and other research, and linking with the NIHR and other funders

·        Ensuring the SIG is recognised and supported within the Alcohol CRN topic area

·        Participating in meetings of the BSG / BASL Liver Research Development Group, which usually meets three times a year in London

·        Reporting on SIG activities to BASL, in particular via liaison with BASL’s Research Subcommittee.

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