The British Association for the Study of the Liver is the National Association for hepatology. BASL is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of the biology and pathology of the liver for the optimal care of patients. BASL is composed of interested individuals from clinical medicine, clinical and basic research and allied professions.

BASL is a not for profit Association whose income is derived from membership fees, donations and its various activities, such as the revenue of scientific meetings. Monies derived from such activities are used to support further educational events and the attendance thereto of its members.

BASL Priorities 2024

  • Our People
  • Our Patients
  • Our Planet

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Our Mission and Aims

Our Mission is to foster an environment where all existing and potential members of BASL have a sense of belonging regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, profession, training level or place of work. To use our diversity to positively enhance BASL’s activities, creating opportunities for all members to contribute to all of our association’ activities. To ensure that BASL’s leadership represents the diverse membership, advocates for the diversity of our patient population and our members and strives to reduce inequality in all our activities.

Read the BASL Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness Strategy 2021-2024;  Download BASL_EDI Strategy_Final Jan 2022.pdf

Read the BASL Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy;  Download BASL Equality and Diversity Policy v2_2021.pdf

View the progress of the project group below:
Download BASL_EDI Progress Poster_092022.pdf

View BASL’s Position Statement on EDI published in the Lancet - Gastro-Hepatology > here .

We aim to:

Disseminate research findings and clinical expertise in liver disease;

Promote and provide opportunities for collaboration in liver research;

Provide a voice that can advise and interact with the media to raise awareness of liver disease within the UK;

To advise policymakers within the health service how to advance the provision of care for patients with liver disease within the UK.

BASL Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness – Contact Us

Our strategy is to foster an environment where all members of the Association feel a sense of belonging regardless of age, gender, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, profession, training level or place of work and feel that their voice is heard and represented at all levels of the Association and in all its activities.

If you have personally experienced discrimination in any BASL related activity and would like to raise a concern with BASL, please do so by completing and submitting this form. This will enable BASL to learn from your negative experiences and prevent them happening in the future.

The matter will be dealt with in strictest confidence by the Chairman of the Inclusion Group and the President of BASL who will conduct an investigation and feed back to the complainant if you are happy for us to know who you are.

Please note you can share your details on the form below, of course any investigation will not name the person who has raised the concern. Or the form can be anonymous, and we will not be able to follow-up with you regarding our investigation or resulting action(s).

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BASL Environmental Sustainability Policy and Strategic Framework

Our policy is to ensure that BASL activities align with the wider environmental sustainability aims. In our routine business, in our professional association service to members and in the context of the wider liver healthcare community this means urgently working in partnership with relevant bodies to expand and integrate data on climate change into the understanding of liver disease.

Read the BASL Environmental Policy and Strategic Framework:  Download BASL environmental sustainability policy and strategic framework Approved.pdf

The BASL family incorporates four Sub-Groups and a number of Special Interest Groups:

  •  BLNA (British Liver Nurses' Association)
  •  BVHG (British Viral Hepatitis Group)
  •  BLTG (British Liver Transplant Group)
  •  BHPG (British Hepatology Pharmacy Group)
  •  BAAL (British Association for Allied Health Professionals in Liver)

Special Interest Groups:

BASL Annual Meeting:

BASL's Annual Meeting is moving to October and is the highlight of the BASL calendar, bringing together clinicians, nurses, scientists, pharmacists, allied health professionals and all those interested in liver disease and liver transplantation. The meeting incorporates joint and parallel sessions by the British Liver Transplant Group (BLTG) and the British Liver Nurses' Association (BLNA).  Authors are invited to submit abstracts for the meeting with successful abstracts being published in the BMJ GUT journal.  More information when available can be found on the Events page of the website > here  and on the standalone Annual Meeting website > here