Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Special Interest Group 

The Metabolic Dysfunction–Associated Liver Disease Special Interest Group (SIG) is linked to the Metabolic CRN topic area. The SIG lead is Dr Jeremy Cobbold (elected February 2024) of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. If anyone wishes to join the group please contact the BASL Secretariat on


To understand, prevent and treat MASLD (previously known as NAFLD), and to reduce its impact on health as well as health services.


To promote and support the development, conduct and delivery of research activity related to MASLD.

To disseminate innovations and best practices in clinical services related to MASLD.

To involve patient representatives in the activities of the SIG.

To lead, contribute and participate in the development of educational activities related to MASLD.

To engage with pharma regarding research and educational activities related to MASLD.

To respond on behalf of BASL to national or international organisations on issues related to MASLD.

Quality standards for the management of MASLD


The BSG/BASL MASLD special interest group has developed a series of evidence-based quality standard recommendations, with the aim of improving the care of people with MASLD. It is known that MASLD is common, affecting 25% of the UK population and management of the condition is variable. Individuals with MASLD have an increased risk of overall mortality compared with the general population, and common causes of death include cardiovascular disease, malignancy and liver-related complications. A holistic approach is therefore needed to address liver disease, as well as cardio-metabolic risk factors.

The recommendations were developed using a modified Delphi process by a multidisciplinary group of 29 individuals from all disciplines involved in the management of people with MASLD, and cover: 1. Management of people with, or at risk of, MASLD before the gastroenterology or liver clinic; 2. Assessment and investigations in secondary care; 3. Management in secondary care. We have also developed 11 auditable key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable service to review the care of their patients and benchmark their practice.

Manuscript and summary documents

The full manuscript can be found here (Free access to the manuscript will be available for 50 days from Friday 28 April 2022.)

Click here for the Download Summary of the NAFLD quality standard recommendations for website_l.pdf

MASLD national audit 

We are conducting a national retrospective audit to identify practice of outpatient MASLD management according to national quality standards/international guidelines and explore the changes in MASLD outpatient services over the last 3 years across the UK. This will require registration as an audit with the local clinical audit department and a search of new patients reviewed in outpatient Gastroenterology and Hepatology clinics with suspected or confirmed diagnosis of MASLD in March 2019 and March 2022. No centre or patient-identifiable data will be included in any results disseminated.  A nominated Gastroenterology or Hepatology consultant will receive a report of local results, with reference to the national findings at a later date for future auditing purposes.

Audit results:  Download MASLD NATIONAL AUDIT.pdf

Healthcare Professionals' Perceptions of Screening and Counselling for Food-Insecure Individuals with Liver Disease in the United Kingdom: A Cross-Sectional Analysis Survey

 A final-year dietetic student from Newcastle University is investigating Healthcare Professionals' Perceptions of Screening and Counselling for Food-Insecure Individuals with Liver Disease in the UK. If you are a healthcare professional who may encounter people living with liver disease, please support this research project by completing the online survey linked below. This survey should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Participants who complete this survey and provide their email address will be eligible to enter a prize draw for a chance to win a £50 Amazon gift card.

Deadline: 7 April 2024 at 5 pm
Please read the participant information sheet and complete the survey >here<

For any questions, please email :



 Resources and meeting downloads

SIG Meeting 16 May 2022 - Summary notes and presentations below.

Download NAFLD_Notes from SIG meeting 16th May 2022.pdf

Download 01_Introduction and NAFLD quality standards_2022 05_McPherson.pdf 
Download 02_National NAFLD audit presentation_2022 05_Li.pdf 
Download 03_NAFLD research update_2022 05_Corless.pdf
Download 04_Early detection of liver disease_2022 05_Andrew Yeoman.pdf 
Download 05_NICE Type 2 DM update _2022 05_Byrne C.pdf

MASLD care bundle -  Download NAFLD Outpatient Care bundle Gen Hep 11-1-19 - V2.1.docx

Use of the care bundle has been shown to improve the management of MASLD and the data was published in Frontline Gastroenterology journal

MASLD bioresource

Philip Newsome, University of Brimingham - Download NAFLD BioResource_June 2019.pdf.

Download NAFLD BioResource_Blog.pdf.

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