Training Programmes

This section features information on training programmes and posts offered:

Advanced Hepatology Training posts

These ATPs are approved for advanced training in Hepatology, including experience in a transplant unit, with a view to subspecialty accreditation providing other requirements are met. Posts are recruited through a standardised national process hosted by Health Education South London. The recruitment window opens in November for 4 weeks and interviewing will be on 18th January with interviewers from the host centres, typically a panel of 4 or 5. Posts will commence in line with the national rotation date for Gastroenterology. An ARCP will be required to demonstrate post completion and at/prior to the Gastroenterology PYA a separate Hepatology PYA form is filled in on eportfolio to inform the JRCPTB that accreditation in Hepatology is expected at final ARCP.

The posts are aimed primarily at trainees who will be entering ST6 although entry at ST5 or ST7 is also permissible. Trainees need to complete the 12 months in order for the post to count towards accreditation. If a trainee exits a post early due to unforeseen circumstances (eg pregnancy, but not research) every attempt will be made to re-accommodate the trainee at a later date without the need for re-application. Trainees should not apply if their CCT date will not allow post completion – further advice should be sought from the parent LETB. Regarding LTWT, at 60% a trainee will have to do the post twice (and will be re-accommodated automatically). At 80% a trainee will be deemed to have completed the post after 12 months but accreditation will still require at least 18 months whole time equivalent of level 2 or 3 Hepatology training prior to CCT. If a successful candidate leaves their parent LETB an OOPT form will be required with usual notice.

Trainees are encouraged to contact individual host centres if require specific information. Of note there is only a short window between offer and acceptance (48 hours).

Lead Centre Transplant Unit

Duration of training
unit (m)

Contact Email
Edinburgh Edinburgh 12 Peter Hayes


Birmingham 12 Fiona Thompson 
Liverpool Birmingham 3 Paul Richardson
Cambridge Cambridge 12 Bill Griffiths
Nottingham Cambridge 6 Guru Aithal
Southampton Cambridge 3 Kate Nash 
Oxford Cambridge 3

Jane Collier 

Sheffield (x2 posts) + Leeds 12 m post Leeds 6 Rebecca Jones (Leeds)
Dermot Gleeson (Sheffield) 
Newcastle Newcastle 12

Mark Hudson 
Plymouth (x2 posts) King's 6 Matthew Cramp (Plymouth)
Michael Heneghan (King's)  
Royal Free (London) Royal Free 6 Raj Mookerjee  
Royal London Royal Free  6 Richard Marley 
 King's (London)  King's 6  Michael Heneghan 
St Mary's (London) King's 6 Heather Lewis 

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