British Viral Hepatitis Group

The BVHG aims to improve the management and study of patients with chronic viral liver disease. The group brings together UK hepatologists, gastroenterologists, infectious disease physicians, nurses and allied professionals as well as virologists, epidemiologists and scientists with an interest in viral diseases of the liver.

The work of the BVHG

The BVHG organises 2/3 day meetings each year on varied topics related to viral hepatitis, as well as co-organising other sessions and meetings. These have proven to be very successful and well attended.

There is a Maternity and Paediatrics sub-group as well as a soon to be formed Pharmacists sub-group affiliated to the BVHG.

The BVHG is also involved in reporting and representing to NICE and other organisations/government bodies on issues related to viral hepatitis, and has developed an advocacy role for clinicians and others interested in viral hepatitis care, treatment and study.

The BVHG is involved in liaising with the British Society of Gastroenterology Liver Section as well as the British HIV Association in areas of mutual interest. It played a pivotal role in the review of the best available evidence in the Management of Hepatitis C during a Consensus Conference in 2015.

It plans to develop more online educational content including setting up a Post-Conference Feedback Web Session.

The BVHG Committee

BVHG Chair Dr Ahmed Elsharkawy, University Hospitals Birmingham
BVGH Secretary Dr Will Gelson, Cambridge University Hospitals

Dr Ahmed Elsharkawy, Consultant Hepatologist, University Hospitals Birmingham

Consultant Hepatologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital since March 2012. His main clinical interests are Viral Hepatitis, Nutrition in Liver Disease, Acute Liver Failure, liver disease in pregnancy; drug induced liver injury and live related liver transplantation. He is principal investigator on a number of trials of acute on chronic liver failure and co-investigator on a number of phase 2 and phase 3 trials in the field of viral hepatitis. He has a major interest in the management of viral hepatitis outside traditional settings and is setting up Outreach and In-reach clinics in his locality.

Dr Will Gelson, Consultant Hepatologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge

Dr Gelson is also the lead of the Eastern Hepatitis Network setting up the hepatitis C Eastern Hepatitis ODN and is the viral hepatitis lead for Cambridge University Hospitals. He has networked on a national scale in relation to viral hepatitis. His main interests are viral hepatitis and liver transplantation.

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