Dame Sheila Sherlock Prize Lecture

2015 Award

For 2015, the coveted Dame Sheila Sherlock Prize Lecture will take place at the Basic Science Retreat rather than at the Annual Meeting. The winner will deliver a 30 minute lecture presenting their research on Wednesday 30th September at 19:00.


Each year BASL presents the Dame Sheila Sherlock research prize, one of the highlights of the annual meeting. This prize is awarded annually to recognise the enormous contribution of Dame Sheila Sherlock to the development of Hepatology as a discipline in its own right.

In keeping with Dame Sheila’s enthusiasm for fostering young researchers, this eponymous research prize is awarded to young investigators without substantive posts in either medicine or science for their research contributions in the field of Hepatology.

The Prize

The winner of the award will deliver a 30 minute lecture presenting their research. The prize offers free registration to the meeting at which it is presented, a place at the Annual Dinner (if appropriate) and £1,000.

About Dame Sheila Sherlock

When Dr Sherlock started her medical career, little was known about liver disease. Her work helped to establish hepatology as a medical specialty. She pioneered the use of needle liver biopsy, which had been used purely as a research tool, based on the technique of Sir John McMichael; this improved understanding of the pathology of liver disease and is used in the diagnosis of liver diseases today. The liver unit that she set up at the Royal Free Hospital became the centre for both research into liver disease and the education of trainees in the specialty. Dame Sheila was involved in the foundation of the British Liver Club in 1961, which subsequently evolved into The British Association for the Study of the Liver (BASL). She was one of our past presidents and the first recipient of The BASL Distinguished Service Award.

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