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Member Benefits

BASL is a multi-disciplinary society with around 950 members composed of interested individuals from clinical medicine, clinical and basic research and allied professions. Your Annual subscription is used to organise the Annual Meeting held each September. For further details of the meeting click here.

Members of BASL receive the following benefits:

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To apply to become a member of BASL, BASLNF or BVHG please:

Download the direct debit form below, complete and return to the address printed on it. Unfortunately cheques are not accepted by the Association.  

BASL Direct Debit form

Complete the online application form here *

Annual rates for membership for 2014, collected by Direct Debit only, were:

The above rates and categories have been simplified for 2015 to the following:

Under the new structure, your subscription will give you membership to BASL and all of its affiliate groups.

This allows all members free access to BASL and affiliate group meetings except for specific meetings where subsidised rates apply.  Any chargeable meetings will have rates advertised.

* Until the online application form has been changed, please apply for the relevant 2014 category of membership and we will contact you by email to confirm your correct category and subscription rate. 

Thank you for your interest and support for BASL.