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The British Association for the Study of the Liver is dedicated to the knowledge and understanding of the biology and pathology of the liver for the optimal care of patients. BASL is composed of interested individuals from clinical medicine, clinical and basic research and allied professions.

The BASL umbrella incorporates the Nurse Forum and also the British Viral Hepatitis Group.

BASL aims to:

The BASL main committee is made up of the elected officers - the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The chairs of the British Viral Hepatitis Group (BVHG) and the BASL Nurse Forum also sit on the main committee, as do the leads of the four sub-committees covering services, research, education and training and public affairs and external relations.

The President is Dr Graeme Alexander. Dr David Patch is the Secretary (as of October 2014) and Professor Matthew Cramp is the Treasurer. The Chair of the BVHG is Dr Andrew Ustianowski, while the chair of the Nurse Forum is Fiona Fry.

 The leads of the four sub-committees are:

Public Affairs & External Relations
This committee supports both the main BASL committee and the sub-committees and is under the direct control of the BASL President while delivery is the responsibility of the BASL Secretariat.